doc_01PREGNANCY: Untimed – Unplanned – Unintended 

Helping Practitioners facilitate decision-making with confidence, connection, credibility and clarity.

My Decision Aid, the only decision aid of its kind in the World…developed to support you while you support others.

  • MDA will foster connection between you and your client or patient.
  • MDA will facilitate clarity for your client in their decision-making process.
  • MDA will promote consistency in service.
  • MDA will build credibility for your clinic, practice, organization, staff and services.

If you are frontline support for a woman who is unexpectedly pregnant,  My Decision Aid © is for you and for her. My Decision Aid © is an exceptional resource you provide to help her evaluate vital components within her decision-making process. After she completes My Decision Aid ©  you will be able to help her gain a clear sense of what information she has and what she may not have considered. It will help her define what matters most to her including the support she may need and the degree of certainty she has about taking next steps. 

My Decision Aid is not intended to provide her with a final decision however it will help to clarify her next steps. My Decision Aid is used in conjunction with the support you offer as a medical or community Practitioner. My Decision Aid is not intended to replace consultation or counselling.

Licensing of My Decision Aid is now available for Practitioners within Clinics, Private Practice and Community Groups for use with clients and patients. Individuals may access My Decision Aid through their Practitioner.

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We had the opportunity to participate in the Decision Aid training offered by ClearLinQ.  The training was provided via Skype and was well received by all 9 of our trainees.  The training offered us an understanding of Decision Aid methodology and helped us to learn tools to increase client engagement.  The role playing element was of great value as our entire team was able to discuss as a group what we do now and what we can do to improve engagement.  We had the opportunity to learn about all the ClearLinQ Decision Aid resources and as a team we have developed a plan for implementation.  We would highly recommend the training provided by ClearLinQ. – Nurse, London, Ontario