PREGNANCY: Untimed – Unplanned – Unintended

Helping Practitioners facilitate decision-making with confidence, connection, credibility and clarity.

ClearLinQ has developed unique standardized tools to support anyone facing an unintended pregnancy. The tools are best viewed as a bridge to comprehensive support. In North America approximately 51% of pregnancies are unintended. Typically the time frame between confirming a pregnancy and making a decision is about four weeks. Few resources exist to support women in this four-week window. ClearLinQ has developed resources and tools to ensure more women are supported adequately during this time. The resources and tools created are to enable you as practitioner to support the individual faced with an unintended pregnancy.


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  • My Decision Aid ©*
  • Decision Guide for Your Unintended Pregnancy ©

*Presently available only through your Practitioner.



For the Practitioner…

As a community practitioner (counsellor, nurse, physician, social worker, guidance counsellor, youth worker, decision coach, etc.) you may be called upon to support women faced with unintended pregnancies. Regardless of your level of experience you will appreciate Clarity Tool ©; designed specifically with you in mind. Clarity Tool is a free screening tool enabling you to quickly and efficiently assess a woman’s need for support. A professional tool providing a pathway for guided discussion, Clarity Tool, minimizes discomfort and enables proactive support. You will feel empowered and equipped to navigate your client or patient through a decision-making process.

Every professional appreciates exceptional resources they can trust and reference. My Decision Aid © and the accompanying Guide for Your Unintended Pregnancy © were developed for your client or patient. These unique and specialized tools enhance the decision-making process by looking at four main characteristics; knowledge, values, support and certainty. Research has shown there is greater decision satisfaction when decisions are processed. By engaging your patient or client in a decision-making process you’re providing a pathway for greater decision satisfaction now and in the future.

ClearLinQ training & coaching portal coming soon…

For the individual (facing unintended pregnancy)…

My Decision Aid and the Decision Guide for Your Unintended Pregnancy were developed exclusively with you in mind. As one of many women faced with unintended pregnancy you deserve proactive resources to help you navigate through your decision. My Decision Aid © will enable you to evaluate four main aspects of decision-making. Engaging in this (confidential and personal) process will provide you with greater decision satisfaction now and in the future. Please connect with your Practitioner and inquire about these resources. Presently these resources are only available through your Practitioner.

For the community…

ClearLinQ has developed unique and empowering tools with your friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbours in mind. Someone you care about may be faced with an unintended pregnancy and may need your support.  As a trusted support person you want to be empowered to offer the best support you can. ClearLinQ designed a tool especially for you.The BEST Test © will help you navigate through conversations and offer support .  The BEST Test helps you to be aware of your own biases, encourages empathy and support, and promotes trust. Remember to encourage the special woman you are supporting to connect with her Practitioner to access My Decision Aid © and the accompanying Guide for Your Unintended Pregnancy ©.